The Thunder

  • November 25T-Bolt Word of the Week ..... "Bread" .... It's time to work... let's get this bread"

  • November 25Feel the Thunder... Read the Thunder (If you had a news site, we would read it)

  • November 25"You must see the good in others to get the good in others" - Ghandi

  • November 20"I don't even know what this site is..." - Josh Keeble

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Everyone acts differently to being scared. What will you do? Will you cry, curse, or scream? Or will you face fear, run away, fall on the floor, or pee your pants? 



Have you ever wanted to be invisible? Well… if you’re gullible enough and your surrounded by jodis, you just might be.

Is persistence a quality a person is born with?  It can be the key to success as an adult.  The lesson here is that there is no use crying over spilled juice.  Sometimes in life, you just have to fill your cup and keep going.


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tbolt.0 (videos)