The Thunder

  • November 25T-Bolt Word of the Week ..... "Bread" .... It's time to work... let's get this bread"

  • November 25Feel the Thunder... Read the Thunder (If you had a news site, we would read it)

  • November 25"You must see the good in others to get the good in others" - Ghandi

  • November 20"I don't even know what this site is..." - Josh Keeble

Tea-Bolt Comics

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“Schizophrenic Ohio Weather” by Lena Edwards


“Halloween non-Retirees” by Lena Edwards



“Locker Love” by Alysson Pahl



“Wi Fi Tragedy” by Lena Edwards



“Chicken Sandwich for the Soul”   by Alyson Pahl



“Hallway/Stairway Salmon” By Lena Edwards

“Foul Fan Language” by Alyson Pahl and Lena Edwards

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Tea-Bolt Comics