Does Anyone Care That It’s Fall?

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Enzo Libertini, Life and Entertainment Editor

Does anybody care that it’s Fall now? School always starts in August when it’s still technically summer, and I never find myself actually realizing it’s time for school until it starts to feel like Autumn outside. This might be something psychologically developed over time or it could just be one of my excuses to slack off for an extra month, but it always turns out to be true.

I wish we could just have the entire month of August to ourselves. Why should we have to come back to school when it’s still summer? Does it make any sense to to end summer vacation when summer’s not even over? I think not. Everyone’s usually still on vacation anyway. I would be okay with our school year going into June, if it meant we wouldn’t have to come back until September.

Actually, our school year shouldn’t start until October. It’s the month at the heart of Fall, and the home to Halloween. What could be better than starting the school year off with freaking Halloween? Also The Walking Dead comes back in October. I would be in heaven if I could be in my second week of school, and be watching the best show on T.V. right now. All of those new Fall-scented candles come out around then too. Not that I’m a candle fanatic or anything, I just like the way the ones my mom buys smell. Also, apple cider would be a way more prominent thing. You could go to school for the first week then on the first Friday night you could go to the Lewisburg Haunted Cave. Who doesn’t want that to be a thing? I would be okay with school ending in July if it meant we could start in October.

Now that I think about it, though, one of the worst things about school is the food. So wouldn’t it be a better idea to start the year off in the most food friendly month of all? November would be the perfect time for school to start. We could have Thanksgiving right off the bat. Everyone would be thinking about how thankful they are, we could get adjusted to daylight savings time faster, and everyone would have something to look forward to. Plus turkey dinners. I know that goes along with Thanksgiving, but let’s be real turkey dinners are amazing and deserve to be mentioned specifically.  With this schedule, all of the seniors could get their college applications done in the late break without having to worry about all their school work. I would be okay with school going into August if it meant we could start in November.

What goes better with a long vacation then another long vacation? Think about if we started school in December. We would have winter break almost right as school began. How cool would that be? All the varsity football games would be played over the summer so everyone would be able to go. We would be able to push mid terms back to like April. We would all be able to adjust to the cold faster, and the school year would be more in line with the actual year. Plus, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza. Everything would be better if school began in the holiday season. I would go to school until September if it meant we could start in December.

Really though, none of that would be possible. Even though we may wish it with all our hearts the school year, no matter what, would eventually arrive. If you’re a procrastinator, like me, than the idea of putting off the inevitable is your way of dealing with life. However, this isn’t something we can or should push to a later date. You only go through high school once, and even though it has its ups and downs, it’s an important stage in our growth. Do whatever it is you haven’t done, but need to do in order to feel complete, by the end of the year. For some of us, it’s our last chance. So don’t waste what time you have left, because it’s Fall outside and it’s time to make things happen.