USA 1, Northmont 0


Seniors Shelby Myers and Amanda Rose embrace the patriotic theme at the Friday Night football game.

Courtney Davis and D.J. Hudson

After a first quarter interception, Northmont scored early in the game against Springboro Friday night. However, despite being up 7-0 during the first quarter, the Bolts lost 49-7.

“I’m really irritated, the game was really rough and I think next time we just need to focus more and not get too down about it,” said senior Sam Wilcox, a member of the defensive line. Wilcox was  diagnosed with a concussion after the game, and must now miss school for a week. Wilcox’s doctor also said he needs to stay home during the Homecoming game and dance.

The players on the field may have been down, but the student section was hype. The theme of the student section was “America,” which meant patriotic red, white, and blue.

“The student section looked like a lot of fun. I was watching and it looked like everyone was having a good time,” said varsity football cheerleader junior Ashtyn Crabtree, who watched the hype from the track.

During the second half, students threw white streamers in the air to encourage their team, who had gone into halftime down 28-7.

“The student section was so much fun. I loved the theme,” said junior Cari Coy.

Even though Northmont lost, America won.