Can’t Stand in Line for These New Rules

New Rules Plague Home Football Games


High school students are being limited as to when they can visit the concession stand.

Cody Shuster, Sports Editor

When did a high school football game go from hanging out with friends to making sure you’re caught up on all the new rules set by administration? Here’s a new rule for high school students: No student may go to the concession stand until the last three minutes of a quarter. Seriously? Are we still in middle school?

To add to that rule, if you want to go to the concession stand at any other time, you must be accompanied by a chaperone. How many high school students go to a football game with a chaperone? Almost all high school students go to the games with their friends. I’m almost 18 and have my license, I don’t bring a chaperone with me to the game. Security guards have been brought to the home games to enforce this rule now. Am I at a high school football game or am I in a high-security prison?

Not to mention, when everyone has to go to the concession stand at the same time, it gets flooded.

At last Friday’s football game, I stood in line for nearly 20 minutes to get something to drink. That’s ridiculous. Making students wait not only causes incredible stress to those working, but it also hurts concession stand business. This, in turn, hurts the band because funds from the concession stand go to them.

Friday night football games are what students look forward to all week. After a long, stressful week of school, students want nothing more than to relax and hang out with their friends. Why are new, incredulous rules enforced upon us like we’re still in elementary or middle school? Football games are for the students. Please let us get in line when we’re thirsty.