You’ll be Looking Stud-ly in those Jeans

Step-by-step instructions to recreate your old jeans


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtney Davis , Staff Writer

You know those plain old jeans you have laying around? They have no pattern and they just don’t stand out. Here’s a DIY that will help you take those plain old jeans and make them into something totally cute!

First, take a pair of those old jeans and cuff them to make them into capris. Make sure you’re okay with embellishing the pair you’ve chosen because once it’s done you can’t go back.

Next find some studs! You can go to a craft store and find glue-on studs to put on your jeans. Choose a color that make them stand out! After you have the studs, you can take them out of the package and organize them into a pattern.

Once you have a pattern you like, you can glue them on! Some studs have points on the back where you can stick them through the jeans and then use pliers to secure them. I find glueing them easier but using pliers will last longer.

After you finish with one side, go onto the next. After that, you’re done! You have a new pair of jeans in just a matter of minutes!