Kill The Hill

John Pierron Acquires Internet Fame


John Pierron’s @kill_the_hill account on Instagram boasts thousands of followers.

Allison Jackson, Staff Writer

Most high school students use personal accounts on social media on a regular basis, but senior John Pierron created an Instagram account dedicated to running.

Pierron was inspired to create his Instagram account, @kill_the_hill, during freshman year after meeting others who had accounts dedicated to running.

“It was super cool to be given a place to talk to a lot of people at one time,” said Pierron. “Even though the chances of me ever seeing them in person are slim.”

Within 48 hours of creating his account, he gained over 1,000 followers, reaching 10,000 in less than a year.

“The best part is that I got to meet so many new people,” said Pierron. “Just to see all the new faces every day and make myself familiar with them all.”

Operating the page has had some drawbacks.

“The bad part of it is the pressure that it put on me to be a better runner,” said Pierron. “Because all of the other running accounts with a lot of followers were all state-winning, super fast, and I was just average and people always expected me to be so much better.”

Pierron’s running page currently has nearly 20,000 followers.