Featured Clubs of the Week

Gay Straight Alliance, Art Club, Dash of the Pen

Gay Straight Alliance:

What: To promote tolerance/acceptance and equality among students of all sexual orientation and gender.

Who: Any student

When: Throughout the year

Contact: Club advisor Mrs. Allen


Art Club:

What: Students who wish to learn more about art outside of the classroom setting.

Who: Any Northmont student at anytime of the year can join.

When: Throughout the year at 3 pm in room 132

Contact: Club advisor Mr. Dakin


Dash of the Pen:

What: Student creative arts magazine

Who: Any student grades 9 through 12 can submit work that may be included in the spring publication. Anyone can be on the staff and staff may submit work as well.

When: Thursdays after school until 4 pm

Where: Room 114

Contacts: Club advisors Mrs. Schmalhofer, Mr. Whetstone, and Mr. Landis