Dangers of Social Media

A Hot Topic in Everyone’s Lives


The dangers of social media include stalking and cyberbullying.

Annalyese Richardson, Staff Writer

Social media has been a controversial and dangerous movement in the world to the point it has caused people to kill themselves, kill other people, and open the door for stalkers and predators. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube have tried to filter offensive content, but it is impossible to catch everything.

Youtube star Tana Mongeau has openly shared her experiences with a stalker who found her on social media. The stalker has watched her since she was little, and learned everything about her and what she does on social media. According to The Daily Mail, Mongeau said she “fears for her life” as she revealed details of the man who she claims has been stalking her since second grade. Mongeau, who is now in her 20s, claims her stalker has not only hacked her phone, but also broke into her home and photographed her while she was sleeping. In Mongeau’s case, social media created a stalker.

Sadie Riggs fell victim to the harsh world of social media. While Riggs was first bullied at school, it eventually became cyberbullying. Riggs was bullied for such things as her hair and braces. On apps like Instagram, Facebook, and KiK, students began telling her to kill herself. According to NBC News, the child’s mother, Sarah Smith, said, “I went to the police. I went to the school. I even contacted Instagram headquarters, and they didn’t do anything about it… so finally I smashed her phone. I broke it in half. She was bawling every day and I couldn’t take it anymore.” However, the bullying had already taken its toll. Barely a week after Smith had taken her phone, Riggs hanged herself. Social media had led her to her death.

Sarah Richardson’s life was taken from her because she changed her Facebook status to single. According to Fox News, Edward Richardson, 41, was found guilty of stabbing Sarah to death in her parents’ house. Sarah, a 26-year-old hairdresser had been sought out by Edward who broke the front door window of her parents’ home and “subjected her to a frenzied and brutal attack with a knife and then attempted to take his own life,” according to Sarah’s mother. Social media resulted in someone taking another person’s life.

According to World Stream, the power of social media affects approximately 34% of school-age students who reported experiencing cyberbullying and 15% of students who admitting to cyberbullying. Additionally, the expansiveness of social media is shown through 75% of male internet users being on Facebook.