Meet Your 2020 Candidates


Taylor Shively , Staff Writer

In the upcoming student government election, many are running unopposed. The class of 2020, though, has many candidates.

Isaiah Underwood; Class President

“I don’t have 2020 vision, but I have a vision for 2020. I will fight for the people, and you are a person.”


Tai Tran; Class President

“Don’t let our memes be dreams.”


Eston Ball; Class President

“I’m running for equality.”


Bella Schenck; Vice President

“I may not be the only Schenck, but I’m the only Schenck you should vote for.”

Caleb Danielak; Vice President

“CD for VP.”


Nadeen Abouzahra; Secretary

“Like a good neighbor, Nadeen is there.”


Skye Gerhart; Secretary

“I was a student representative last year and I hope to be elected into student government this year as well.”


Maddie Hardwick; Student Representative

“Vote me for student rep, it’s a decision you won’t regret.”

Hailea Tucker; Student Representative

“I was in student government last year and I am looking forward to making a more positive environment in the school if elected again.”


Elly Drew; Student Representative

“Elly Drew, is right for you.”


Carly Wagoner; Student Representative

“You can’t spell Carly without car.”



Nick Sanders; Student Representative

“Vote for Nick!”

Garret Pearce; Student Representative

“You can trust me to make the right decisions.”


Abby Gaul; Sergeant at Arms

“Gaul is the goal!”


Kellen Duffy; Sergeant at Arms

“Northmont is yellin for Kellen”


Terri’Anna Lewis; Student Treasurer

“I don’t have money like Drake but, it’s God’s Plan for me to be treasurer for the class of 2020.”



Lauryn Zilles; Student Treasurer

“I’ll do my best to do what’s right for the class of 2020.”


Voting for the election will be held Friday, May 4.