The End of Baseball

Students Reflect on the 2014 World Series


Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants pitches during the World Series. Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

D.J. Hudson, Sports Editor

As the months of 2014 start to dwindle down and October comes to an end, so has Major League Baseball. The San Francisco Giants have won the 2014 World Series in game seven again, taking their third World Series out of the last five years. On October 29, they defeated the Kansas City Royals, who haven’t been to a World Series since 1985.

Since 2008, only three teams have been to the World Series from the National League: Philadelphia, St. Louis, and San Francisco. It is safe to say these teams have dominated the league. Also, it is safe to say San Francisco was the favorite in this series. However, the Royals had an 11-game winning streak, the second longest in post-season history.

“I am upset the Royals loss the world series. I always root for the underdog and the Royals were clearly the underdog in this matchup,” said sophomore Dillon Black.

Many other records were broken in game seven. There was the first successful video replay challenge when shortstop Joe Panik turned one of the most incredible double plays in World Series history.

“I’m shocked they had an instant replay overturn in the world series. Baseball has come a long way. It really good for that the game now has a way to review calls because, I know a lot of umpires and they miss a lot of calls,” said junior Brandt Cronebach.

Also, Tim Hudson tied the record for the oldest starting pitcher to play in the World Series. Tim Hudson is 39 years old.

“That’s really cool that Tim Hudson tied Roger Clemons for the oldest starting pitcher in World Series history,” said Chris Timmons. “Good for him.”

Madison Bumgarner quite possibly had the best World Series in history. With two wins, twenty innings pitched, and a 0.50 ERA, was easily enough to win MVP honors.

“I was very excited when the Giants won the World Series against the Royals. I knew they were going to win before they even played the Pirates in the wildcard game. Madison Bumgarner pitched a complete game shutout and definitely deserved the MVP award. It’s possible that it might be third-baseman Pablo Sandoval’s last year as a Giant and if so, he went 4-4 and made the final play of the game, which is a great way to end it. This was their 3rd time winning in 5 years and I am excited to watch more, ” said junior Haley Myers.

The Royals were two runs away from making this article completely different. We have 365 days until another team can write their own story.