Getting to Know Dr. Inkrott

Hard Working Principal Settles into his Second Year


Dr. Inkrott with his wife and daughter

“Good morning … good morning!” That is the sound repeated over and over by second year principal Inkrott as he greets students walking in the door on a school morning. “I’m hoping to learn all their names eventually. My staff and I have even taken to studying the yearbooks before Monday meetings.”  

Last year when he took over as principal from his long time friend and coworker Mr. George Caras, Inkrott, the former vice principal, knew that he had big shoes to fill. “The first year was a lot of hard work to keep up the many great traditions we have here at Northmont, while at the same time developing quite a few initiatives,” said Inkrott. “Now in my second year, we are having more opportunities to see them through. It’s challenging, but I’m settling in and enjoying the job.”

When asked if his teachers would be surprised that he ended up as a high school principal, he replied, “Not really. In my high school years I was a good rule follower and I tried to take on leadership roles when I could.”  

During his senior year, Inkrott was actually able to letter in three fall sports as a starting midfielder for the soccer team, a runner for the cross country team, and kicker for the football team.

When Inkrott isn’t at work, he spends as much time as possible with his wife and daughter. On the rare occasion the former math teacher gets time away from work and family, he likes to dabble in the world of finance. Finance wasn’t his focus in education though.  He studied Math and Educational Administration where he eventually earned his Doctorate degree from the University of Dayton. And no, he isn’t a medical doctor so don’t go to him for aches and pains; it’s a PhD.