DiCaprio 2

J.I.D Shines In Sophomore Release. Staff Music Experts Weigh In


Payton Runyon Caysean Hayes, Staff Writers


On Monday, November 26 Atlanta rapper Destin Route better known by his stage name J.I.D released his second ever studio album titled Decaprio 2. J.I.D is signed to Dreamville records which was founded by notorious rapper J Cole. J.I.D has been in the music scene since 2010 with the release of his first mixtape titled Cakewalk.

In high school, J.I.D played football for Stephenson High School and excelled in the sport so much that he was offered a scholarship to play at Hampton University. He turned down this option to pursue his music career, which he took more seriously than football, and formed the music collaboration named Spillage Village. “Only person who took me serious (in reference to his music) was my mom and my sister Rachael,” J.I.D  told RollingStone. J.I.D was a 2017 XXL Freshman which is a group of some of the hottest new artists coming onto the scene. J.I.D explained in his XXL freshman interview video that being a XXL freshman as a “Stepping Stone” in his career.

In my Opinion, Dicaprio 2 is one of the best rap albums released this year. J.I.Ds quiet monotone style of rap is very unique and only comparable to the likes of greats such as Kendrick Lamar and Smino. The production on the album was above par with a mixture of hard bass banging beats as well as light smooth, almost jazzy feeling vibes, topped with J.I.Ds sing/rap ability. This only being J.I.Ds second ever studio album, makes me excited to see what else the artist is capable of and where he will go from here.


This is one of the deeper albums of the year to come out of any rapper. Fans can get a hint of this from the name of the album, DiCaprio 2. The name comes from J.I.D’s favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He named his album this because in 2015, when the first DiCaprio album came out, J.I.D hadn’t been signed to a label yet and DiCaprio at the time had not won his first Oscar.  J.I.D felt like he and DiCaprio were both under appreciated and not getting the recognition they deserve.

In this album, J.I.D talks about growing up in Atlanta, Georgia while being around crime and drugs. In the track  “Off da Zoinkys”, J.I.D talks about the negative effect drugs has had on his whole life and how it affected his family, friends, and even himself. In this song, J.I.D pledges to be done with drugs and encourages people to follow him.

This album is J.I.D showing his best rapping skills, and J.I.D shows out in this album. This is one of the best lyrical albums of the year; J.I.D refers to this album as a movie because he feels like he makes the best picture for you to interpret in your head. This is the type of album where listening to the words is needed because the lyrics in this album mean so much on every song. J.I.D really did the best he could on this album and it’s definitely worth listening to.

In all, we both feel great about the album. The album is good on many levels; it has a lot of secret details and underlying meanings. For J.I.D only being a sophomore as a mainstream artist, his future is very bright.