Grinchy Perspective of the Holidays


Christmas is defined as the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on December 25 in the Western Church, but many have forgotten what Christmas is really about. In this day in age, is it all a “hype”? Young kids don’t even believe in Santa Claus anymore. They can simply look it up on their new iPad that Santa magically made  for them just to find out it’s all fake. Not only is it a “hype”, but it can be extremely overrated.  For many, it’s one of the most stressful times of the year with thousands of dollars being spent for everything to be perfect.

According to, Why Christmas Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the world, so the early Christians thought that this was the right time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But many don’t know that and celebrate this big red man who delivers all of these presents.

According to, moms.com on average a parent will end up spending 4.1% more then they did last year. Some parents are going to an estimated about of 1,000 dollars this year.

Not only are the parents spending thousands, but the hype of Christmas is so extreme. Every time you turn the tv on it’s Christmas commercials.  On the radio there are thousands of Christmas songs and decorations are everywhere.  At what point is this just not okay anymore?

Even other countries get hyped up as well. According to CNN Business, around $2.2 billion will be spent on British TV slots alone this season, and $3.3 billion on advertising online, according to the U.K. Advertising Association.

I may sound like the grinch but I’m more for getting back to the roots of Christmas and it having meaning again. I’m tired of hearing about Santa and watching endless commercials on c heist for all the “deals you can get”.