21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage Gets Arrested by ICE Agents and Faces Possible Deportation

21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage has been big in hip hop since his track “No Heart” released near the end of 2016. He dropped his album “Issa Album” on July 7, 2017, and from there Savage has been big in the media since. He’s gone platinum with multiple tracks and albums and has key features on tracks by other artists that are also platinum.

Savage has been known to have been born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After his recent song “A Lot” released on his new album, immigration services were after him after a lyric in his song. The lyric talks about how unfair life is at the border. Coming from 21 Savage, the government didn’t take that too well.

21 Savage was arrested on Pro Bowl Sunday and was held for 9 days before being released on $100,000 bond. He committed the crime of overstaying his Visa when he came to the United States with his mother in 2006. The Visa expired while he was still a kid. He has been in plenty of legal trouble since being in the USA, and he will now suffer an even bigger punishment than jail time. Savage may be deported if he is found guilty in court for why he overstayed his Visa.

As 21 Savage’s team of lawyers work to win him this case, his fans will be hoping he can stay in the country so he can continue to perform all around the country.