A Fresh Start For Football

Freshman Football Wins GWOC Central


The freshman football team prepares for the kick-off at their last home game of the season versus Fairmont. (Photographer: Dreana Richie)

D.J. Hudson, Sports Editor

This year the freshman football team reigned supreme, taking the GWOC Central division with a 7-2 record. Their only losses were to Hilliard Darby and Wayne.

“I felt like this season was really good. We won GWOC, but I felt like we should have definitely beat Wayne and been undefeated in our conference. Hopefully we work hard this offseason and get a lot better,” said freshman Shane Prysock.

In their first year of high school, the football team has already reached excellence with three years left to go.

“I think we did pretty good. I know the O-line came together towards the middle of the season but at the end we were pretty shaky,” said freshman Logan Kincer. “For our skills, we changed some things around. We even changed our quarterbacks. We had a really good defense. Our D-line held it down really well. For our defensive backs, you know, one dude got hurt but some people stepped up and made plays for us.”

The upperclassmen are really proud of their freshman counterparts.

“My class also had success its freshman year, we had the same 7-2 record the freshman had this year. We also had our hardships this year going 4-6 which is very terrible in my opinion, said senior Cole Kincer. “My piece of advice is to enjoy this season, but don’t get cocky. Always maintain discipline and 100% respect for the game and keep working hard and your senior year will be different.”

The freshman season is over, but they still have plenty of football left here at Northmont.