New Frozen “Dragon“ Found in Canada

Scientists are Shocked by The Size of the Newly Discovered Reptile, The Cryodragon


Drawing of what the scientists think the Cryodrakon would have looked like (Courtesy of Fox News).

Ryleigh Whittaker, Staff Writer

A study based on an ancient reptile was published the week of September 9. Scientists have known about this mysterious reptile for almost 30 years but didn’t have enough information to release a study until now. The reptile is being called the Cryodrakon boreas, also known as the“flying dragon of the north.” It was found in Canada and is estimated to have a wingspan of 16 feet.

According to National Geographic, “The partial skeleton that defines Cryodrakon was dug up from Canada’s Dinosaur Provincial Park in 1992. But its identity remained unclear for decades because of a paleontological paradox: Quetzalcoatlus might be the best and worst-known azhdarchid all at once.”

The scientists didn’t know what this was at the time because it looked so similar to two other ancient reptiles, the Quetzalcoatlus and Azhdarchid.

According to CNN, “New research has shown that Cryodrakon is a previously unknown species and is the first of its kind to be found in Canada. The fossils include legs, the neck, a rib and part of the wings. Cryodrakon belonged to the azhdarchids family of pterosaurs, known for having long necks“.

Although there is some pretty good information on the Cryodrakon, scientists are still unsure of many things, such as how long ago it lived or how many of them there actually were.  In the future they are planning to look more into how the Cryodrakon might have walked and flew.