Malicious Mosquitoes

The Virus EEE has Spread Across the United States


Christen Walder, Staff Writer

Cases of a deadly mosquito virus called EEE has been affecting people across the U.S including Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. EEE is an extremely rare but very serious and often deadly infection that causes encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. Before this year, there has only been one human case of EEE in Connecticut, and that was in 2013 (CNN).

According to NBC News “The mosquitoes that spread eastern equine encephalitis like to feed at dusk, promoting a call from some health officials to stay inside.”

So far, this virus has killed 11 people in the United States.

“The urgent appeal comes at a time when many schools and youth groups typically hold evening practices for marching band, football, cross country, field hockey and other activities that would be difficult to move indoors.” Says Erika Edwards , NBC news reporter.

A vaccine for the virus is on the market for horse, but not for humans.

The CDC recommends residents of areas that have been impacted by the mosquitoes to use insect repellent and avoid the outdoors after dark to lessen the chance of getting infected.

“Spread of this deadly Mosquito-borne disease may be linked to climate change” says Mays Earls, an E&E news reporter. The climate has been rapidly changing and this mainly why the mosquitoes are carrying this virus.

Only two to six percent of people who are bitten by mosquitoes carrying the virus go on to devolve the EEE virus. In most cases,  the people that do get bitten end up getting hit hard with the illness.