Breaking News: Disinfectant Wipes Causes Pipeline Damage

Disinfectant Wipes Causing Damage To Pipelines in Wake of Pandemic


Don’t Flush Your Wipes

Kireen Mcrill , Staff Editor

There is a virus going around, called COVID-19, or the Corona Virus. People have been in a frantic since the spread of this virus, buying whatever they can whenever they can. The thing that seems to be a shortage of toilet paper for people. People have had to improvise for the use of toilet paper since it is going out of stock so fast.

“People might be using paper towels and cloths,” Theodore Higgins, chief environmental compliance inspector for Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment, told BuzzFeed News. “It would not only cause disruption in your property, but in our [city] system.”

CNN says “Facilities across California have already reported issues with their sewer collection systems,” the state’s Water Resources Control Board said. Authorities are saying that clogging our sewer system will give us a bigger risk of getting the Corona virus.

There are also “flushable” wipes, but New York City Department of Environmental Protection is saying that even flushable wipes are not to be flushed. The head of the department is saying “Wipes can cause damage to sewer systems and equipment even if they are labeled “flushable” or “septic-safe.” During these times please be kind to others and follow the environment departments advice and don’t flush anything except for toilet paper.