Seniors Showcase Their Talents

The Class of 2015 Set to Perform on Friday


The crowd stands to applaud the participants of the 2013 Senior Showcase. The 2014 Senior Showcase debuts for students on Friday, December 19, during sixth period.

Enzo Libertini, News and Entertainment Editor

The class of 2015 will finally get their chance to perform in the annual Senior Showcase. This is an event that all students look forward to, and marks an end to the final week before winter break. The Showcase is an exclamation point at the end of the 2014 sentence, taking place on the last day of school this year. Winter break, the holiday season, and New Years Eve all follow this event. It is the opening ceremony of our second longest vacation period, rivaled only by summer break itself. This is a special time of year for all students, and is the only time I can feel optimistic when it’s cold outside. The Showcase has sent students on break with a bang for as long as it has existed, and this year it will certainly do so again.

This year’s show will feature several performing seniors, two of which being seniors Stephanie Johnson and Paige Combs. They’ll sing “Flight” by Sutton Foster and Megan McGinnis. They are both big fans of the original artists so I am sure they will do the song justice. They are very excited to sing in the show.

“We kind of just keep time with each other,” said Johnson.

Both students can’t wait to demonstrate their singing ability, and have high hopes for a good show.

“I like it when we harmonize,” said Combs. “I hope we don’t forget the words.”

Another vocal performance will be delivered by seniors Jordan Hellmund and Adrian Matzke.

“Jordan, Connor, and I are singing ‘All Of Me’,” said Matzke.

This musical performance will also include a piano accompaniment by senior Connor Giles.

“I’m really excited to perform,” Matzke said.

In addition to playing piano on “All Of Me” senior Connor Giles will also be performing her own song.

“I’m playing a solo on piano. It’s called ‘Another Me’,” Giles said.

This instrumental performance will be something very different for students and I’m sure it will be a hit.

“I’ve been practicing this for a year and a half so I hope it sounds good,” she said.

Instrumental performances will not just be limited to Giles. Senior Josh Cyr will be performing a drum solo.

“The song’s a surprise, but it will be loud,” Cyr said.

Cyr was the center snare drummer in the marching band the last two years, and will now use the showcase to bring his skill directly to the students.

“You’ll leave wanting more,” Cyr said.

Along with the song itself Cyr has hinted at various other surprises he may have in store.

“Just wait until the lights go off,” he said.

Senior Kailyn Koenitzer will be demonstrating her dancing skills, and she is very excited. She’s been dancing for fifteen years and competing for eleven. She has performed in talent shows before.

“I haven’t really done it (a talent show) since the 8th grade talent show,” Koenitzer said. “I think I’ve improved a lot.”

The show is looking to be a great one this year, and will debut for students during sixth period on Friday, December 19. The class of 2015 will bring forth the greatest Senior Showcase yet.