The Paralympics

All about the Paralympics


Sydney Asbra

   The Paralympics is an international competition for disabled athletes. Based on olympics, it started on August 24, 2021, and ended on September 5, 2021. This year the Paralympics took place in Tokyo, Japan, which is the second time it has been hosted by the Japanese capital. 

Events and Results 

   This year there were a total of 18 events. According to paralympics, these sports consisted of Archery, Athletics (combination of outdoor track events), Badminton, Cano Sprint, Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Equestrian, Football 5-a-side, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Rowing, Shooting, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and Boccia. Boccia is a Paralympic sport where competitors try to get a ball onto the court by throwing, kicking, using a ramp, or propeller. 

   China won with 96 first place medals, 60 second place medals, and 51 third place medals which ended in a total of China placing top three 207 times. Followed by Great Britain who won 124 medals in total made up of 41 gold, 38 silver, 45 bronze medals. The United States won third place with 37 first, 36 second, and 31 third place medals. This ended with the U.S winning 104 medals in total. These results and more can be found at medal count.


When Was The Paralympics Founded? 

   The first Paralympics started in 1948. It lasted a week and took place in Rome. According to britannica,“The Paralympics was made after Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized a sports competition for British World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries in England.” Four years later another competition was held in 1952 between Dutch and British athletes. This tradition was passed on into today’s Paralympics.