Crusader Sword Found

900-year-old Crusader Sword Found by a Scuba Diver off the Coast of Israel

Crusader Sword Found

On October 9, 2021, an ancient Crusader sword was discovered. This blade was found by a man named Shlomi Katzin. While he was scuba diving in the cool, shallow waters off Haifa, he came across a 3.3ft blade. Theories suggest that the 900-year-old sword resurfaced from shifted sand off the coast of Israel. Not only was there a sword, but stone and metal anchors, along with pottery fragments were found under the sandy sea floor nearby.


“The sword was found 200 meters (656 feet) from the shore, at a depth of four meters (13 feet), said Koby Sharvit, director of the IAA’s Marine Archaeology Unit.”, according to CNN


Sharvit, director of the Marine Archaeology Unit of the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority), told CNN the sword was well preserved since it was buried in a deep layer of sand. Because of this, little to no oxygen came in contact with the blade resulting in slower weathering. It weighs around 11-13 pounds due to the thick layers of marine organisms coating the sword. After the shells and stones are taken off, the sword itself will probably weigh 2-5 pounds. 


According to BBC, “Researchers were assuming it might be linked to the nearby crusaders’ citadel at Atlit.” Kobi Sharvit says, “The Carmel coast, where the blade was found, provided shelter for ships during storms throughout centuries of shipping activity along the coast.” Because of this, there is a possibility more artifacts could be found under the sand.