NFL Pro Bowl Weekend

NFL Pro Bowl Just Went Down and Here is a Summary

NFL Pro Bowl logo via Google Images

NFL Pro Bowl logo via Google Images

February 5 and 6 were the dates for Pro Bowl weekend, and it took place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. On Saturday, there were a handful of fun competitive games called the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, and Sunday was the actual Pro Bowl game.  All the game modes played on Saturday in order were precision passing, fastest man, thread the needle, best catch, and to finish the night dodgeball.

Precision passing is when contestants aim for different targets on the field. If you hit a target you receive points, and the more difficult targets you hit, the more points you’d earn than hitting easy targets and you have 1 minute. The contestants for precision passing were Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow (who actually used to play quarterback in high school), Vikings WR Justin Jefferson, Patriots QB Mac Jones, and Seahawks QB Russel Wilson. It was 2 NFC teams vs. 2 AFC teams, and the QB points total up to their conference, essentially making it AFC vs. NFC instead of player vs. player. After Hunter Renfrow’s round was pretty bad, he scored 1 point. Next up was Justin Jefferson, he finished with 0 points. Mac Jones went next, finishing with a solid 8 points. Last up was Russel Wilson, he finished with a game-high 29 points making the NFC the winner.

Patriots QB Mac Jones during the precision passing challenge via Google Images

Next game up was fastest man. This is just simply a race between 4 extremely fast players. The contestants were Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, Browns RB Nick Chubb, Cowboys LB Micah Pearsons, and Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs. The race was somewhat close, but Micah Pearsons came out victorious.

Cowboys LB Micah Pearson winning the fastest man challenge via Google Images

Following that game was thread the needle. This is when there are 2 walls with different size holes on both. The QB has 1 minute to try and thrown the ball into the holes, but there’s 2 DB’s there defending each wall. The QB has to “thread the needle” through the defenders into the hole without getting intercepted or batted down. The first contestant was the Vikings QB Kirk Cousins, and the two defenders were Charger S Derwin James and Browns CB Denzel Ward. Kirk finished with 11 points. Next up was Patriots QB Mac Jones and the defenders were Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs and Eagles CB Darius Slay. Mac Jones finished with 12, taking the W.

Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs Defending in the thread the needle challenge via Google Images

Next up was best catch. Players have to perform created yet challenging catches, and the judges give them points based on how much the liked it. The contestants had 2 rounds of catches and whoever accumulates the most points wins. The contestants were Bills WR Stephon Diggs, Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs, and Vikings WR Justin Jefferson. And Trevon Diggs came out with the win, scoring a total of 198 points, he won by just 3 points.

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson attempting one of his catches in the best catch challenge via Google Images

And the final game of the night was dodgeball, pretty self explanatory but when players catch a thrown players that were out don’t get to come back in. The teams were Patriots QB Mac Jones, Browns RB Nick Chubb, Bills WR Stefon Diggs, Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow, Ravens TE Mark Andrews, Chargers S Derwin James, and Browns CB Denzel Ward (this is he AFC team). They went up against Seahawks QB Russel Wilson, Vikings Qb Kirk Cousins, Saints RB Alvin Kamara, Vikings WR Justin Jefferson, Cowboys LB Micah Pearsons, and Eagles CB Darius Slay (this is the NFC team). The game went back and forth, but in a 1v1 with Nick Chubb and Justin Jefferson, Justin Jefferson catches the throw from Nick Chubb and wins the game for the NFC.

Bills WR Stephon Diggs and Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow during the dodgeball game via Google Images

The following day was the Pro Bowl game. In the Pro Bowl game the players don’t play at 100% just to prevent injuries. Nothing spectacular happened but both teams were going back and forth but the AFC came out with the win 41-35 over the NFC. And that wraps up Pro Bowl weekend. (all information provided can be found here on the NFL YouTube channel)

Chargers QB Justin Herbert in the Pro Bowl via Google Images