Totally Not a Despicable Gift

Creating Super Cute Christmas Ornaments


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtney Davis , Staff Writer

Love the movie Despicable Me? Make a ornament that you can keep yourself or give as a gift!

List of supplies: Glass ball ornaments, yellow, black, and white paint, paint brushes, and black pipe cleaners.

First, pour yellow paint inside the glass ball ornament. Only pour in a little bit of paint, and then roll or shake the ornament around to coat the inside of the ornament. When the inside of the ornament is done, paint the outside. Begin by painting a silver circle in the middle of the ornament. While that dries, take the black paint and paint a line in the middle of the ornament going on either side of the silver circle (see above picture to see how this is done). When the silver circle is dry, color it in with white paint. While that dries, give the Minion a mouth and make a black dot in the middle of it to look like an eye. Let the ornament completely finish drying and then add the hair on by using black pipe cleaners.

After the Minion is completely dry, it is ready for gift-giving…or your own tree!