Cheerleaders Take the Court

Cheerleaders Combine Squads for a Half-time Performance

Basketball cheerleaders practice their combined-squad half-time performance, scheduled for January 23

Basketball cheerleaders practice their combined-squad half-time performance, scheduled for January 23

Courtney Davis, Staff Writer

Friday, as the varsity basketball team is playing Springfield, the game won’t be the only thing that’s exciting. The cheerleaders have a special performance ready for the game as the varsity, JV, and freshman cheerleading squads have all teamed up to do a half-time performance together. A lot of preparation has gone into this routine.

“We’re all practicing together after school and giving up our own individual  team practices so we can all work together,” said sophomore Brooke Carver, a member of the JV squad.

All of the teams have combined their practices to make sure their routine is perfect.

“Normally our three squads practice separately, but to prepare, we’ve been practicing together for one of our two practices a week,” said junior Naomi Baker, a member of the varsity squad.

Since all the teams will perform together, this half-time is going to be bigger than ever.

“You can expect a dance, some tumbling, and hopefully a super cool mount,” said junior Logan Swafford, a varsity basketball cheerleader.

The cheerleaders are also hoping for some crowd involvement and want the crowd to participate to make the performance even better.

“You’re going to see a dynamic performance from all of our great basketball cheerleaders. We’re doing a crowd cheer to hopefully get the crowd involved, a flashy dance, and ending with a combined mount that showcases all three squads,” said varsity basketball cheerleading coach Mary Felton.

Some of the team members have taken extra tumbling classes to prepare, while others are looking forward to the dance routine.

“I’m most excited for the dance because the dance is what I’m best at,” said sophomore Hayley Embry, who cheers for the JV squad.

The girls learned the dance they’re doing at camp over the summer, but to make it more fun they’re changing the music and taking the floor at Northmont at the same time.

“I’m most excited about having all the girls out on the court at the same time,” said Swafford.

The squads all came together well while putting together this routine.

“I’m excited to show how all three squads can work together and showcase our talents, because people usually don’t get to see how talented our freshman and JV squads are,” said Baker.

A combined-squad performance is also something the cheerleaders have never done before.

“I’m excited to see the audience’s reaction because we have never had a combined half-time together. It will also be fun to see all the girls working together as a team,” said Felton. “I’m most nervous for timing and everyone being synchronized since there are a lot of girls performing.”

The mount they’re doing at the end is also something they have never done before.

“We’re going to try out a really awesome and difficult mount so I hope that works out okay,” said Baker.

The new move has created some nervousness.

“I’m nervous for how the stunt will turn out,” said junior Riley Jenkins, a member of the JV squad.

The girls plan to surprise the crowd with this routine.

“I really want to wow the crowd and I hope the girls have fun and bring their own personalities to the dance. Also, it’s a fun idea that hopefully we can continue at Northmont,” said Felton, who is enjoying her first year as the varsity coach.

The performance will take place during half time at the January 23 varsity basketball game.