Winterguard Gets Fired Up

Guard Places Sixth in First Competition


The 2015 Winterguard competes at their first competition in Hamilton. (Photo Courtesy of Ms. Erin Hunkemoeller)

Rylie Richard, Staff Writer

The Northmont High school colorguard had their first show  Sunday, January 31 at Hamilton High school.

“I thought that this weekend went very well for our first show. Everyone was very relaxed about it. Nothing major happened to make everyone panic which was really nice,” said junior Olivia Williams. “I think that as of right now we aren’t prepared for the next show because there is so much of the show that needs to be filled in. I am very interested to see what our coaches do with the last parts of the show.”

The Winterguard’s show is based on the book The Book Thief, which was recently made into a movie as well.

“I’m very proud of the guard. We have a lot of work to do, and we still have to get our tarp and costumes but this competition was a great way to start the season,” said sophomore Meg Mckarns.

The guard practiced Sunday at 7 am to prepare them for their competition later that day.

“I feel like we were prepared as much as we could be for this competition. It would have been nice to have been nice to have costumes and our new tarp, but at the end of the day we did our best and that is something I can be proud of,” said junior Cody Matson.

The team placed sixth out of the eight guards that were in their class.

“I’m content with our score and knowing that we are only going to grow. With just a few more points we can get there,” said freshman Breanne Groves.

The guard has their next practice Monday, February 9.

“I’m excited for practice Monday. We get to keep adding work to our show which is going to better us for the competition coming up,” said sophomore Brooke Bradley.

The Winterguard has a competition at Fairmont High School in Kettering on February 14.

“We have been working really hard the past couple of weeks. By perfecting our tosses, better facial expressions and better lower body such as dancing. By working on just those few things we can bring our score up. I think we are way more prepared for the competition coming up. I’m excited to see all of us continue to grow,” said junior Haley George.

Guard competitions will continue until April.