Argyle and Archer’s Haphazard Advice


Argyle and Archers Haphazard Advice

Time is winding down to ask your special lady to prom, just a little bit over a month. Argyle and Archer are here to help you ask in the most memorable way you can.

1. Messenger Pigeon

Argyle: Get yourself a pigeon and train it to be a messenger pigeon. When you get it trained, you can deliver a handwritten promposal to your girlfriend. What girl doesn’t appreciate a handwritten message? None. No girl is going to be able to resist you when you get her a messenger pigeon. Not to mention, it’s a win-win situation for both of you. You both get a prom date and you get to keep a cool messenger pigeon.

2. Parakeet

Archer: Since we’re on the subject of animals, get her a pet parakeet. Before you give her the parakeet, train it to say “will you go to prom with me?”. How could someone turn down a cute parakeet? They can’t. Not only are you going to get a prom date, but you and your lucky lady are going to have a good source of entertainment for awhile. If you’re lucky enough, prom could be a pirate theme and you could keep that parakeet on your shoulder for the night. Everyone will notice you when you have a real parakeet on your shoulder and you’ll probably be elected prom king.

3. Text

Argyle: If animals aren’t really your thing, you could just send her a text. Who doesn’t appreciate a well thought out text? Texting is the modern form of communication, I guarantee that your special lady will deeply appreciate a short text saying “Prom?”. Everyone loves to get a text that takes no guts or time to do. You never know, that text may bring her to tears because of how creative you are.

4. Morse Code

Archer: You could learn how to speak in Morse Code and just ask your lucky lady that way. The only way this backfires is if she doesn’t know Morse Code. In that case, just speak it out as your asking her. We guarantee that no girl can say no to you if you ask her this way. Not to mention, Morse Code is classic. If your hopeful prom date doesn’t understand it, chances are that someone who is at least 85 will understand your question and say yes to you.

5. Make a Scene

Argyle: When you’re in public, yell your question as loud as you can to her. Girls always talk about how they want guys to show them off, right? What better way to show her off than to let everyone know you’re asking her to prom? Girls also love it when you embarrass them in public. By making the biggest scene you can, you’re definitely going to get her attention and win yourself a prom date.