Helping Others “Bounce Back”

The Northmont Basketball Team Visits Children’s Medical Center


The basketball team visits Children’s Medical Center.

D.J. Hudson, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

On January 14, the Northmont basketball team took a trip to Children’s Medical Center, after parent Mrs. Jodi Taylor approached Head Coach Collin Abels about his interest in participating in a community service project.

“My mom saw a college team do this and she got the idea from that. She called Children’s Medical Center to see if they wanted any guests for the children and of course they went along with it,” said Taylor’s son Jarell, who is a junior on the team.

Their head coach, Collin Abels, was very excited about the project as well.

“Athlete enrichment is about more than just playing the game. It felt like this was an excellent opportunity for our players to see that you can give back to others, especially others that are less fortunate or a little bit more in need than they are,” said Abels, who is also a social studies teacher.

The players embraced the opportunity to help others ‘bounce back’ – their slogan for the 2014-2015 season.

“It was actually a good experience because it allowed us to help out people who are sick and it made me feel good inside to see people ‘bounce back’ from what they had,” said sophomore Rodney Richardson.

The team also raised money for the hospital.

“We sold t-shirts with the Children’s Medical Center and Northmont logo on it. All the money we raised went to presents for the kids and the money we didn’t spend went to Childrens,” said junior point guard Myles Tanner.

Northmont sports teams are no stranger to community service projects; the football team recently held an event at the Northmont library and the softball team does kids night out every year.