U-Korner: Trip to the Capitol

Sia Skoryk Visits Washington D.C.


Foreign Exchange student Sia Skoryk stands in front of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Anastasiia Skoryk, Guest Columnist

I was told that big cities in the U.S. are really huge. I figured out not all of them are as big as I expected. For a long time, I was looking forward for my trip to D.C. and New York with another exchange student.

I knew about New York from different American movies and nothing in there was surprising to me except the smell  in downtown. Luckily my hotel was located in midtown three minutes from The Empire State Building.

But the city that I was the most impressed with was Washington D.C.

It was green, full of trees, and really huge. It was quiet and full of people at the same time. I really liked the houses and streets. My group and I visited George Washington’s house and the place where he found peace. That was really interesting,   but everyone was excited to see the Capitol Building.

This huge building was beautiful and powerful. Personally, I liked all of the statues. Each statue in the Capitol Building represented each state in the United States. There was even a statue of a guy who invented air conditioning from Florida. Very thoughtful, in my opinion.

Second what I liked the most on my trip was the Smithsonian Museums. I went in the Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History, which was my favorite. It was really great to feel like you were in the movie Night at the Museum.

So, I decided for myself that I will come  to this beautiful city again. Simply because there is much more to see and discover.