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Markus Hardy presents “Inconvenient Google”


Senior staff writer Markus Hardy contemplates Inconvenience on Google.

Markus Hardy, Staff Writer

You are driving down the street, listening to your favorite song, and having such a good time. You are on your way to go meet some friends, it’s the weekend, things are looking up. Suddenly, the car in front of you slams on its brakes! You ram into the car, and wrecking its back bumper. What do you do? You probably freak out. But, what do you do next?

You have just turned 18. Do you know how to sign up to vote? Do you know how to sign up for the draft? Do you even know what the draft is?

How about credit cards, bank accounts, paying bills, possibly paying taxes? Know anything about those?

In this country, most people expect parents to teach their children most of this information, but what if they can’t? What if they don’t?

It is necessary to know these things to keep society running smoothly.

If you had to use Google to attempt to answer any of these things that were presented in this column, please come back to read it again next time, and please leave a comment or a suggestion for possible future topics. I hope you are anticipating my addition to the Surge website: “Inconvenient Google.”