Broken and Beautiful

Marching Band Kicks Off Competitive Season


The 2015-2016 Marching Band

Rylie Richard, Staff Writer

On September 19, the Marching Band kicked off their competitive season, performing their show “Broken and Beautiful” at Bellbrook High School.

“I was extremely impressed with how our first performance went. We handled everything very maturely, considering all the complications that we had during that morning’s practice,” said senior Brass Captain Emily Kuehl.

Most students felt they did well for it being their first competition.

“I thought the band as a whole did well, considering our band is very young and, for most, it was their first show ever,” said senior colorguard co-captain Olivia Williams.

Others, however, they wished it would have been better.

“The run overall was good for me. I just made stupid mistakes that I normally wouldn’t have made ,” said junior clarinetist Rylee Fitzgerald.

Some marchers felt even though the band did well, they were still ill prepared.

“I felt that a lot of  dance body was thrown at us during the practices that week and I didn’t have enough time to fully understand it,” said freshman saxophone player Ian Underburger.

Students also say the band’s struggle to find practice space has negatively impacted the group. They have had to move across the street where they practiced at Fairview Church during the summer and the beginning of the school year.

The band finished in first place in their class (AAAA) and were named Reserved Grand Champions. Their next performance is October 3, at University of Dayton Arena.