Run, Naomi, Run!

Senior Naomi Baker Runs for State Office


DECA President Naomi Baker

Rylie Richard, Staff Writer

Northmont’s own DECA President senior Naomi Baker was in the running to be an Ohio DECA Officer earlier this November.

“I ran to be the Executive Vice President of Marketing, which meant I would fill in wherever the president needed me. I would also get to come up with how we market,” said senior Naomi Baker, who has been apart of Northmont’s DECA program for two years

In order to run, students had to meet certain requirements.

“You must have had a 2.5 GPA for four consecutive semesters, be an active member in your DECA chapter, be nominated by an advisor, and pass screening, which is basically just a background check,” said Baker.

DECA officer nominees got asked a series of questions, including why they wanted to be DECA Officer.

“I wanted to be a DECA Officer because DECA has touched me personally. It’s not only made me a better person but a better leader. It’s taught me how to communicate with other students and professional adults,” said Baker.

Not only were the potential state officers interviewed, they had to accomplish other tasks.

“I had to know DECA facts, which then I took a test over, and not only did I have to interview previous state officers, but state advisors,” said Baker.

Baker ran against three other candidates.

“I believe that making DECA personal to me is something that set me apart from all the other opponents,” said Baker.

The election took place on November 18 with voters comprised of students selected by DECA advisers.

“The election was a lot of fun because I was able to interact with my peers who are equally as enthusiastic as I am about DECA,” said Baker

Not only did Baker win Executive Vice President but also advanced to State Nationals in Tennessee this past April.

Baker with her team of Ryan Pullins and Sydney Danklef competed in the Financial Literacy Promotion Project.

“We taught participates about financial literacy and the importance of being financially literate,” said Baker.

Bakers’ achievements have helped her throughout high school and will continue to help her in her future endeavors.