What’s Your Sign?

National Signing Day Comes to Northmont High School


Senior softball players Whitney Fiedler, Emily and Lizzie Ritchie, and Taylor Hoover discuss their futures as college athletes.

D.J. Hudson , Assistant Editor-in-Chief

On November 11, seniors Jacob Monnin, Emily Ritchie, Lizzie Ritchie, Whitney Fiedler, and Taylor Hoover all signed on the dotted line.

Senior Jacob Monnin, a baseball and football player, signed with Tiffin University. Monnin plans to study criminal justice.

“My dad broke his collarbone and he wasn’t able to play college baseball. I look up to him a lot. He’s the main reason I started playing baseball in the first place,” said Monnin. “I just want to make him proud.”

Senior Taylor Hoover is one of four softball players who signed on November 11. Hoover signed with St. Francis University in Pennsylvania. She plans on studying forensic chemistry.

“I had a lot have options I could have picked from, but I really liked the coaches at St. Francis the best. They made me feel like even though I was going to be far away from home, I would have someone there who would look out for me,” said Hoover.

Senior Whitney Fiedler, a pitcher on the softball team, signed with Ohio Christian University.

“My dad took me on a visit and once I saw the campus and met with the coach, I decided I wanted to be there,” said Fiedler.”Ever since Taylor and I started playing softball together we always knew what we wanted to do. I think it’s really cool that we have worked together for so long and we got to sign on the same day,”

Seniors and twins, Emily and Lizzie Ritchie, both signed with Mount Vernon to play softball.

“It’s always been a goal of mine to play college softball, so it’s kind of like I met my goal and I am really happy,” said Lizzie Ritchie.

Playing softball at the college level has always been a goal for both twins.

“I’ve always wanted to play college softball, but I’m happy I get to do it with my sister,” said Emily Ritchie.

Several more signings are planned for later in the year.