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Micah Via, Staff Writer

New water stations have now been installed for all uses by students and faculty on campus.

These new machines that have been put into place are water bottle refill stations for convenient access, so the pesky water fountains will no longer be needed to use to refill water bottles.

“The free access and convenience is a big factor in my opinion,” Ms. Brooks said.

I’ve went through the campus to find the water fill stations and noticed the quick and easy access it was for students on the go.

“I think students should take advantage of what the school invest for their convenience in passing periods,” Brooks continued.

I understand the convenience part of having dedicated water fill stations on campus but I wondered just how much students appreciate it.

“I literally bring water to school everyday and it’s just so nice after finishing a bottle and not having to buy another, I can just refill it,” student Cayla Celeburn said.

I was more curious on the opposition if all campuses should have fill station like ours.

“I think this should be considered a gift to the students and I just think all campuses should have the same luxuries as others,” Celeburn said.

Not quite satisfied with how the teacher opposition settled I followed up asking if its truly needed by students.

“I think it’s a great little luxury piece of many that are needed by students honestly,” Ms Brooks said.

With the feedback given its only evident that the students and faculty members appreciate what the school has given for their conveniences in making life a little easier on campus.

“This is only the first of many things to come and I can’t wait to see more.” Cayla said.