A Catalyst for Applause

A Cappella Group Catalyst Drives Into This School Year At Full Speed


Taylor Harmon, Staff Writer

A new fence bordering the campus is in the process of construction. School officials decided to implement the fence after a series of security audits. Principal Rita Pintavalle believes that the new security feature will serve its purpose well.

“For the purposes determined, the fencing shows clear boundaries and assists as a deterrent for people to wander into those secluded areas from the road.” said Pintavalle. “Our campus areas look like ‘open fields’ to the public in many areas, and fencing shows a borderline.”

The fence is only one of many security implementations according to Pintavalle.

“Many security items are in place to assist – IDs being worn by staff and students, check-in system to scan those who visit, locked doors, extra BISD police and the station up front, enhanced drills with easy to read forms, safety go-bags of supplies as needed, a camera room that is monitored pro-actively during the day with large screens for easy viewing, and we anticipate door alarms for opened doors in sensitive areas, metal detectors as needed.” said Pintavalle.

The student reaction to the fence is mixed, due to the physical limitation it imposes upon some students travel, and the safety it provides to them at the same time. Sophomore Giovanni Bustillos believes there are some flaws to the plan. “I don’t feel that the fence will make a major improvement.” said Bustillos. “I think that some kids will see it as a challenge and try to get over it for fun.”

The fence is currently near completion and has already been finished on certain parts of campus.