Fashion Court with Courtney Davis

Overview of Fall Fashion


Sophomore Claire Pilgrim is ready for Fall in an oversized sweater and scarf.

Courtney Davis, Staff Writer

Fall is coming up which means goodbye to flip flops and tank tops and hello to boots and sweaters.

One fall trend we will be seeing this year is leather. Leather pants, leather boots and leather jackets are perfect for fall. They look great with anything and you can always just throw on a leather jacket to cover up those summer tank tops you still want to wear.

Something that also looks great for fall and that will never leave is flannel plaid shirts. Flannel shirts are so easy to grab and go, you can dress them up or dress them down. There’s never a bad time to wear a flannel shirt. Plaid is a must have for fall, and this year plaid is even bigger. They make plaid skirts now, which are totally cute. You can also wear plaid pants. Throw on a solid color shirt and your plaid pants and you have an easy outfit for fall.

Long sweaters are a must, especially when you want to wear them with your pattern leggings. They’re totally comfy and totally adorable.

“I think oversized sweaters look awesome for fall, they’re so comfy,” said junior Kristin Beighley.

Sweaters also look good with scarves, which are great for fall and winter.

“My favorite fall trend is definitely scarves because they look good with anything,” said junior Tori Anderson.

Metallic tops have become so trendy for fall, not just in gold and silver, but also in metallic colors like blue, purple and even orange. They add a little bit of brightness to the fall weather and are a great way to make a statement. While everyone is wearing the dark fall colors you can stand out.

One look that is great for fall is the 90s. The 90s have been making a comeback for a while now, but this fall it’s even bigger. A couple years ago the 80s were making a comeback but it was only for a little while. The 90s fashion has been here for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. It’s very grungy but so chic.

The last style is Western, which means fringe. Fringe purses, fringe boots, fringe jackets, fringe anything. It’s all perfect for fall.

“You can never go wrong with brown boots and a brown  jacket for fall,” said junior Logan Swafford.

No matter what style you decide to rock this fall, make it yours and make it rock.