DJ Behind the Desk

The Isaiah Stanford Story


Senior Isaiah Stanford (Dj Zay) works on his music in a studio.

Reide Combs, Staff Writer

While most of students are feeling the stress of the first quarter, senior Isaiah Stanford takes care of homework while working as a producer, audio engineer, and DJ.

“I go to Northmont for three periods and then CTC until 2:30, CTC really helps me with my music career. Doing this helps me keep up with high school work,” said Stanford who goes by DJ Zay in the music world.

Being a young, aspiring artist, and having fame at such a young age has shocked him because he never thought he’d be doing what he loves.

“My dad and cousin started doing music, but honestly I used to hate it. I just couldn’t get into it. But in 2009, three people and I had a group, but then I decided to go on my own making music. It was just a hobby. I really didn’t think much until a kid in the grade above me started making music. [The music] wasn’t good so I took mine to the next level,” said Stanford.

From hating music to going off on his own, even Stanford is surprised that what became a hobby has progressed into much more. He used to think he was going somewhere with football, but has become devoted to furthering his career as an artist.

“I most definitely will continue through my high school year. It’s what I want my career to be. I have a deep passion for it after high school with continuing this. I’m thinking about opening a dance and producing studio, even making my own label, I’ve got big things ahead of me,” said the 17-year-old.

For the rest of the school year, Stanford will be the DJ behind the desk.