The Thunder

Murder Mystery

A teacher vanishes mysteriously, but, who is responsible?

Tragedy struck last night at 8:00 pm. Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh, one of Northmont’s most beloved teachers, went missing from his office in the auditorium. The Thunder is conducting an investigation with the help of the Northmont student body.  Based on the initial clues uncovered thus far, our first suspect is Mr. Scott Jacobs, the janitor. He was working around the time of the incident and saw many of the events that took place beforehand. See the evidence for yourself.  Do you think he’s guilty?


Now that you’ve heard from the janitor, let’s take a look at “the friend”. She was at the school at the time of the incident and says she went to check on Puterbaugh before the disappearance. She states that she was worried about him and that “some things were going on”.  Do you think she’s telling the truth?

The third suspect is the coworker. She had an argument with Puterbaugh that made her angry earlier that day. She wanted to discuss some secret business about the play with him. What is this secret? Was the coworker behind Puterbaugh’s disappearance?


The fourth suspect is none other than Dr. Inkrott himself. At the time of the interview, he was seen talking to a mysterious person about someone being gone. He said that he was “glad he was gone”. We did not get to question Inkrott because he refused to be interviewed. Do you think Dr. Inkrott is behind the disappearance?


Finally, we meet the last suspect, the mystery. She reveals that the funding for the play was cut last minute. Allegedly, Puterbaugh has been going crazy because of it. The suspect was trying to talk to Puterbaugh to fund the play before his mysterious disappearance. Is Ms. Dippold to blame?


After the long investigation, we finally learn that it was… Puterbaugh himself. He faked his own death because he was so stressed about the play funding. He found a new job on Broadway playing tree number 3. The janitor saw him run out of his office. He wasn’t running from someone, he was running away. The friend was truly concerned about him and the play. The coworker was not aware of the funding issues so the disappearance was a shock to her. Dr. Inkrott was frustrated with Puterbaugh at the time of the disappearance, but he had nothing to do with it. Lastly, the mystery really just wanted to fund the play and had no other motives. Did you solve the crime?

Mr. Puterbaugh in his Broadway debut.

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Murder Mystery