Haker vs Ohio; #FreeDrew

NHS Student Gets Pulled Over


Haker in his car with his license (courtesy of Drew Haker).

Taylor Shively , Staff Writer

Around 4,680 Americans get a ticket every day and about 78 every minute (The Zebra). Northmont sophomore Drew Haker, 16, was pulled over on Wednesday, September 20, just after school.

“The ticket said 3:07 pm and the school zone ends at 3:10 pm. I suspect otherwise, but I can’t prove anything,” said Haker.

He was cited going 20 mph over the speed limit in a school zone. The school zone times specifically focus on making students and staff drive slower in order to watch out for civilians who may be walking about. Haker was alone in the car when the incident occurred and was sentenced to go to court Wednesday, October 4.

“I was a little nervous but knew I couldn’t really do anything but accept the responsibility,” said Haker.

He plead guilty in attempt to lighten the sentence. He must now pay a $200 fine and take a remedial driving course.

“I only had my license for about 22 hours before I got pulled over,” said Haker.

Haker will have a restricted license for 6 months and allowed to drive to sports, school, church, and work only.