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Clubs and Activities


WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: Students compete in the GWOC as well as in tournaments locally and around the state/nation in a team-based Jeopardy-style.

WHEN: Mondays and Fridays from 3:00-5:00.

WHERE: Room 3108.

CONTACT: Mr. David Jones at 832-6583 or [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student who like to draw, paint, or create.

WHAT: Photography 1 & 2, Drawing 1, 2, & 3, Painting 1, 2, & 3, Ceramics 1, 2, & 3, Arts and Crafts, Comic Design.

WHEN: All year in semester-long classes.

WHERE: The Art Wing rooms 4105 through 4113.




WHO: Any NHS student who likes to sing and perform without the use of instruments.

WHAT: Student-led groups at the high school and middle school that performs songs in a ‘Pitch Perfect,’ ‘The Sing Off,’ and Pentatonix style.

WHEN: Auditions are held at the end of the year for the following school year.

WHERE: Catalyst practices Mondays and Wednesdays, after school, from 6:00-9:00 and Impulse practices on Wednesdays, after school, from 6:00-9:00.




WHO: Any Northmont student.

WHAT: Aid the coach in managing the operation of the team, this may include: getting water for the team, taking stats, getting ice for injuries, etc… You must be at all practices and events and attend all games just as the players would.  All injuries must be reported to Mr. Eric Newman (room 5112), health teacher and athletic trainer for Northmont or Mr. Erin Murphy, athletic trainer from Good Sam North.

WHEN: Different times throughout the year, depending on the sport.

WHERE: Depends on the sport.

CONTACT: The coach for the sport you are interested in, this information is available in the Athletic Office.



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: A club where everyone is welcome to explore and expand their love of art.

WHEN: Every Tuesday, during the school year, after school from 3:00-4:00.

WHERE: Room 4113.

CONTACT: Mr. Robin Dakin at [email protected].



WHO: Any Northmont student, that is accepted to be on the team.

WHAT: A team of students who look at the ‘My Voice’ student survey results and suggests changes to the administration to improve school climate.

WHEN: Go to room 1107 at the start of the school year for an application and returning members from the prior year are always invited back.

WHERE: Meetings are held during school hours 2 times a month (members are invited by pass).

CONTACT: Ms. Sheree Coffman (Student Assistance Counselor) at 832-6065 or [email protected] or visit (@Mrs_Coffman).



WHO: Any NHS student interested in performing an instrument.

WHAT: Class that teaches you how to play musical instruments and reading sheet music. Concert Band, Symphonic Band (auditions only), Wind Ensemble (Honors Credit, 12 grade, audition only).

WHEN:  Students are welcome to join band any year by signing up with their guidance counselor. Auditions for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are in May for the class meeting the following school year and Marching Band is optional.

WHERE: Room 4134.

REMIND: Text @northmo to 81010 to be on the automated text reminder list.

CONTACT: Mr. Brian Wissman (Band Director) at [email protected] or visit



WHO: Anyone NHS student interested in Marching Band or Color Guard (no previous experience needed for Color Guard).

WHAT: Marching Band is a competitive, after-school activity.  Completing on a local and national band circuit as well as at Northmont Varsity Football games.

WHEN: Band Camp starts in August over the summer.  Once school begins in the fall, practices are weekdays with performances/competitions on most weekends until November.

WHERE: Room 4134.

CONTACT: Mr. Brian Wissman (Band Director) at  [email protected] or visit



WHO: Any NHS student can apply if they meet eligibility for grades, attendance and discipline.

WHAT: Recognition/reward program for students who show consistent performance in attendance, behavior and academic achievement.  Perks include homework passes, school discounts, exam exemptions, a FREE B.O.B. T-Shirt and more.

WHEN:  Students apply for Best of the Bolts when a quarter ends and when report cards are handed out.

WHERE:  There are no “meetings.”  Rewards are handed out during lunch in the commons and in quarterly assemblies.

CONTACT: Ms. Christy Harris (Principal’s Office Secretary) or visit



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: Play on the Northmont High School Bowling Team.

WHEN: Open Bowling is September 8 through October 27,  every Wednesday and Friday (tryouts are November 3).

WHERE: Thunderbowl Lanes, 805 S. Main St. Englewood.

CONTACT: Coaching Staff:

  • Mr. Brian Beighley  at  (937)-474-6659  or [email protected]
  • Mr. Stuart Hunter  at (937)-371-5418
  • Mr. Bill Rayle  at (937)-478-1977
  • Mr. Justin Schiewetz  at (937)-718-3693 or [email protected]



WHO: Any NHS student that fills out a Media Arts application.

WHAT: This group of students produce the morning news show, Thunderbolt Network Television (TNT), and learns the fundamentals of live video production as well as news reporting.

WHEN: First period, year-long.

WHERE: Room 3218​.

CONTACT: Ms. Rachel Brannon at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student can be on the committee.

WHAT: The Blood Bank comes to NHS once per year to collect blood donations from students and staff.  You can sign up to donate blood in advance.  If you are under 16 you must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian to donate blood.

WHEN: The committee begins meeting in October through the beginning of February. If you just want to donate, the blood drive day is the first Friday in February.

WHERE: Room 3205.

CONTACT: Ms. Kathryn Abels at [email protected].



WHO: Anyone Northmont student interested in performing with dance, flags & rifles.

WHAT: Color Guard performs with the marching band at football games, competitions, and parades.  Winter guard performs without the band in competition with other schools.

WHEN: Auditions for Color Guard are in April for the summer/fall season.  Auditions for Winter Guard are in November of the same year.

REMIND: Text @nmontwg15 to 81010 to get reminders.

CONTACT: Mr. Brian Wissman (band director) at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student who enjoys singing and preforming. There are three choirs that meet during school hours.

WHAT: This is a class that helps students read music, develop a mature vocal tone, and build confidence. Some higher level choirs require auditions.

WHEN: All school year.

WHERE: Room 4117.

CONTACT: Ms. Anna King at [email protected].



WHO: DECA is open to any current NHS students for the following year.

WHAT: Students learn important business and marketing concepts that will help them in the future. Throughout the year students in class are offered the opportunity to participate in many conferences.

WHEN: Applications are available in the Counseling Center for the following year.  Teacher recommendations and interview are required.

WHERE: Room 4101.




WHO: Drama Club is open to everyone!  Anyone can audition or join one of the many tech crews.

WHAT: Drama Club is an organization that produces and performs at least 3 theatrical productions a year, including a play, a musical, and something unique in the spring.  Members also get opportunities to attend conferences, write their own scripts, and learn valuable skills.

WHEN: Begins in the fall and continues throughout the school year. Check the call board outside room 4101 or listen to announcements for when meetings or auditions are.

WHERE: Meetings and rehearsals will be held in the auditorium.

CONTACT: Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh (Performing Arts Teacher) at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student who is concerned about the environment.

WHAT: It is a group of people who brainstorm ideas NHS could implement to make Northmont a more environmentally responsible place.


WHERE: Room 4207.

CONTACT:  Mr. Matt Shaltry at [email protected].



WHO:  Students who want to explore careers, relationships, money management, child development and/or cooking skills.

WHAT:  Transitions & Careers, Career & College Readiness, Personal Wellness & Development, Principles of Food.

WHEN:  Classes are held during the school day.

WHERE: Room 4108.




WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT:  A Christian Bible study. Want to make a difference in the school by showing God’s love through how we act, think, and interact with others.

WHEN: Every Thursday after school from 3:00-3:45.

WHERE: Room 1204.

REMIND: Text @776b8 to 81010 for meeting reminders.




WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: A group of students who get together after school to play various games of interest.

WHEN: The second Monday and the fourth Thursday of each month.

WHERE: Room 4112.

REMIND: Text @nhsgami to 81010 for meeting reminders.

Contact: Mr. Pat Montanaro at  [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: A club that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

WHEN: Meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month throughout the school year.

WHERE: Room 3202.

CONTACT: Ms. Emily Howard at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT:  Serve food to the poor, bag groceries, wash cars, bake cookies, collect donations with proceeds going to: cancer research (Relay for Life), Smile Train, St. Judes Children’s Hospital, Special Wish Foundation, and House of Bread.

WHEN:  Last [school] Monday of the month in room 3101.

WHERE: Sign up for posted activities in the Main Office.

CONTACT: Mr. Matt Maiken at [email protected]  (Mr. Hartenstein, co-advisor).



WHO:  Any NHS student who can read music and play one of the following:  Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar.

WHAT:  Students do NOT need prior jazz experience, but must already know how to read music and play their chosen instrument.  (This is not a beginning level class).

WHEN: Meet during the school day and perform  3-4 concerts a year including public performances.

WHERE: Room 4134.




WHO:  Current 11 graders who will be in 12 grade the next school year.

WHAT:  Help transition from high school to life after high school.  Includes employability, leadership skills, and community service.

WHEN:  Applications are available in the Counseling Center during 3rd quarter for the following year.

WHERE: Room 3202.

CONTACT: Mr. Mark Mays (Jobs For Grads Teacher) at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: Print Journalism writes and videos tapes articles that range from school news to the world.

WHEN: This is a yearlong class that meets second period.

WHERE: Room 3218.

CONTACT: Ms. Rachel Brannon at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: It involves community service to others in our community that are in need of help.

WHEN: Meetings are held after school 1-2 times per month.


CONTACT: Vickie Moody, School Nurse, at 832-6060 or [email protected] or stop by the Clinic.



WHO: Current 10 and 11 graders can apply for the following year.

WHAT: A group of students who welcome incoming 9th graders to the high school.


  •  CLUB – about 100 Link Crew members attend training before school year begins to learn how to run the orientation program.
  • CLASS – in addition to the club role above, students who are in the Link Crew class meet as a class during one period of the day and continue to do team building activities with the freshman throughout the year.

All Link Crew candidates complete an application and teacher recommendations and then an interview.  Applications are available in the counseling center in the fall for the following year.

WHERE:  Room 3102.




WHO: Any NHS student interested in law, government, or history and wants to experience the judicial system.

WHAT:  Students will receive a case, will be assigned a role in the court, and will compete against other schools at regional, state, and national competitions.

WHEN:  Any interested student should see Mr. David Jones.

WHERE: Room 3108, Sundays 2:00-4:00 (during 1st semester).

CONTACT: Mr. David Jones at 832-6583 or [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: This club offers exposure to the theater that most student would not have otherwise.  Students attend in-school performances during school throughout the school year, are offered discounted tickets to shows in Dayton, and can participate in the Muse Musical.

WHEN:  Applications are available by seeing Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh or Ms. Corrinne Sullivan.

WHERE:  Room 4201 or 1203.




WHO: Any NHS student can participate in this program leading up to the winter holidays.

WHAT: Collect holiday gifts for families who are experiencing financial strain.  Families are identified through the Northmont FISH Program (Friends in Service to Humanity).

WHEN: Begins in early November of each school year.

WHERE: Room 1204.

CONTACT: Ms. Julie Marshall (Math Teacher) at  [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT:  A Military Officer Training Course geared toward high school students who want to contribute to the high school, community and Unit.  Students must attend class regularly, adhere to uniform guidelines on uniform days, participate in physical fitness and curriculum standards.  Students may participate in demonstration teams and regional / national competitions.

WHEN: ROTC meets one period during the school day, all year long.

WHERE: Room 2010.

CONTACT: Lt. Col. Knotts or SCPO Griffin at 832-6010 or visit



WHO: Any NHS student who has completed 8th grade Orchestra.  Students who were not in 8th grade orchestra can still work to join but MUST TAKE PRIVATE LESSONS TO CATCH UP.

WHAT: Orchestra is a performance-based class.  Student will learn how to perform multiple styles of music through their chosen instrument.

WHEN:  This is a class that meets during the school day for the entire school year.

WHERE: Room 4117.

CONTACT: Mr. Ryan Chatterton (Orchestra Director) at [email protected].



WHO: Student entering the 10, 11, or 12 grades. All must apply and interview for consideration to be a part of the class for the following year.

WHAT:  A class that teaches students to help others by listening, supporting, and being good role models. Perform community service and educate younger students in the district on the dangers of tobacco and coping with bullying. Students earn one social studies credit toward graduation requirements.

WHEN: The class meets during 5 period throughout the entire school year. Applications are available in the Counseling Center in February and March for the following year.

WHERE: Room 3101.




WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT: Peer Mediators are trained through the Peer Facilitation Class and are available on a needed basis to do mediations with students.

WHEN: Any student can request a mediation between him/herself and another student by going to the Counseling Center and filling out a request form.  Requests are handled the same day they are received when possible.

WHERE:  Mediations occur in the Counseling Center or other private area.

CONTACT: Ms. Beth Kessler (guidance counselor).  If she is not available you can see anyone in the Counseling Center for a form.



WHO:  Student entering 10, 11, or 12 grades.

WHAT:  Peer Tutors are students who help other students in various classrooms in the school. Peer Tutors also become good friends to students and offer support in and out of the classroom.  You will earn a grade and a SS credit hour.

WHEN:  Apply this year to be considered for the next school year.  Applications are available in the Counseling Center in February.

WHERE:  Peer Tutors are assigned to a teacher requesting a peer tutor.

CONTACT: Ms. Diana Espy at 832-6066 or [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT:  A group of kids that meet to talk about some of the challenges teens face in their lives.  The group learns how to cope with life and offers support to each other.

WHEN:  Groups begin in October.  A sign-up sheet will be in the Counseling Center at the start of the school year.  Interested students can also request to join by telling their Guidance Counselor or talking with Ms. Sheree Coffman (Student Assistance Counselor)in room 1107.  Meets once a week during school hours, and doesn’t meet on delay days or state testing days.

WHERE: You will be given a pass with the meeting location.

CONTACT:  The group is led by Ms. Louanne Wilson.  If you are interested in hearing more about how to be in Reality Club.



WHO: Student who enjoys video games and want to understand the technology used to make them.  Any student who wishes to pursue careers in computer science, engineering, and/or game development.

WHAT:  In Modeling Simulation 1 & 2 students learn how to solve real world problems using gaming software and technology.  Students will explore data collection, 3D modeling, animation computer programming (python, java, C++), and simulations using video game graphics engines (Unity 3D, Unreal 4). This class is set up so that students make the discoveries at their own pace. Little to no notes/lectures.  Lots of small group work.

WHEN: STEM 1 – 1st semester   STEM 2 – 2nd semester.

WHERE:  Room 4110.

CONTACT:  Mr. Aaron Brumbaugh  at 832-6571 or  [email protected]  or visit www.padlet/abrumbaugh/ms.



WHO: Any NHS student.

WHAT:  A group of students who work to encourage good decision making among the student body.  Meet once a month and have a different theme of focus.

WHEN:  Meet the second Tuesday of every month (except January) from 3:00-3:40.

REMIND: Text @scoffman to 81010 to get text meeting reminders throughout the year.

WHERE:  Room 3101.

CONTACT: Ms. Sheree Coffman at 832-6065 or [email protected] or visit



WHO:  Any Northmont grade student with a passion for science.

WHAT: Students concentrate on 2 or more science events (either study, lab, or build events) and then compete against other schools at tournaments.

WHEN:  Meetings are currently Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00. Mid-October, Thursday meetings will move to the Middle School. Meet all school year with tournaments between December and April.

WHERE:  Room 4217.

CONTACT: Ms. Mary Ann McInnes at [email protected].



WHO: Any NHS student who enjoys Spanish.

WHAT: Anything foreign: eating, do community service, watching movies, playing games, and … did I mention FOOD.

WHEN:  We have monthly meetings throughout the school year in Ms. Gosser’s room, room 1115.  There is a 1 time fee of $15, but it includes membership and an awesome t-shirt.

REMIND: Text @bkhG9 to 81010 to get text updates / reminders.

WHERE: Room 1115.

CONTACT: Ms. Sarah Gosser at [email protected].



WHO: Any students in 9-12 grade.

WHAT:  School-wide activities such as: blood drive, spirit week, and teacher appreciation.

WHEN: Elections are held in May for the next school year.

WHERE:  Meetings are held in school and after school as needed.




WHO: Any 10, 11, or 12 grade student who can be a good role model for 9th grade students.

WHAT:  A Team Building day to contribute to a positive and accepting school climate. Selected students serve as mentors for a freshmen group and participate in all the Unity Day activities.

WHEN:  Held in the fall for all freshmen, divided into 4 days.  About 15 mentors are needed for each day with a total of 60 some mentors. Each student mentor attends one day.

WHERE:  BOLTS gym during the school day.

CONTACT: Ms. Sheree Coffman, room 1107, at 832-6065 or [email protected] or visit

**also on the planning team:  Ms. Chesley Booth, Ms. Crissy Hall, Ms. Missy McMonigel, Ms. Bethany Allen, and Ms. Abby Daniels



WHO:  Any student in 9–12 grades.

WHAT:  Classes that teach students how to speak, write, read, and understand German and Spanish.

WHEN:  Classes are offered at various times throughout the day.

WHERE: Rooms 1104 through 1125.


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