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Jeffrey Rucker Talks About His Music


The cover of sophomore Jeffery Rucker’s new mixtape features the auditorium ( courtesy of Chaos1.0).

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

Sophomore Jeffrey Rucker has been a hot topic amongst students here at Northmont High School. He recently dropped a mixtape named “Astral Projection of a Freethinker,” as well as a mixtape titled “The Differences,” featuring another Northmont student, sophomore Travon Baker. Before Rucker’s two mixtapes, he released seven singles. Songs such as “Under the Weather,” “Second Story Window,” and more have received over 1,000 plays on SoundCloud.

“My fanbase is amazing, especially because it goes beyond the high school. I never intended to make money or be a great rapper, it was just something I did out of boredom,” said Rucker.

Rucker has big plans for the future. He will release more music in the upcoming weeks.

“I make a lot of music. There is a new song about every three days,” said Rucker. “I have a lot of unreleased tracks.”

Rucker gets the majority of his beats off of YouTube, or collaborates with producers in different states. He is currently saving for music equipment. He records his music then uploads it to his SoundCloud, Chaos1.0.

“It’s simple, but I want to grow beyond it. I don’t have an iMac or a microphone to record,” said Rucker. “I dislike the limitations I have on making my music.”

Fans often wonder why Rucker chose the name “Chaos1.0” as his rapper name, which is also his Instagram username.

“I chose the name because people were familiar with my Instagram name. It was just easier, ” said Rucker.

Rucker’s mixtape titled “The Differences” has given Rucker the reputation of a rapper at school.

“My cousin, Travon Baker, is also a rapper, so we decided to make a mixtape,” said Rucker. “I thought it would be a fun thing to do.”

Rucker doesn’t want to release too much at a time, but will not keep his fans waiting. He has released eighteen tracks and plans on dropping more.

“Watch out for a project release in the Spring,” said Rucker.

Rucker also sells Chaos1.0 T-shirts and has sold 43 to fans.