Viral Video Discusses Race


Joyner Lucas’s “I’m Not Racist” video features two actors representing different perspectives on race.

Harley Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

On November 28, 2017, hip-hop/rap artist Joyner Lucas posted a video entitled “I’m Not Racist” to his YouTube channel.

“I’m Not Racist” is a rap/hip-hop song that shows both sides of racial differences. The music video features a white male wearing a Donald Trump hat and an African American male sitting across from him (YouTube). According to vulture.com, Lucas doesn’t appear in the video, but his voice is heard over top of the video. He wanted the main focus to be on the video. Lucas said he wanted the song to share the story of both sides of the racial differences, and wanted the video to feature a person that represents both sides.

The video has gotten mixed reviews from the media and has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms.

While some Twitter users have tweeted “You should start listening to @JoynerLucas #imnotracist @realDonaldTrump,” (@JasonBarritt), others have tweeted “Listen to Joyner Lucas’s #ImNotRacist closely. The irony of the song is that if you agree with those statements, regardless of race, you may just be a racist. Racism isn’t just a thing white people possess. Blacks can be racist too,” (@jamesbeatleyjr).

Lucas ends the video with the quote, “We were all humans until, Race disconnected us, Religion separated us, Politics divided us, And wealth classified us.”

“I’m Not Racist” has attempted to show how words and actions can be offensive no matter what a person’s race is and how it affects them. Since the video’s release in November, it has received one million likes and 36 million views on YouTube.