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“A Taliban fighter looks on as he stands at the city of Ghazni, Afghanistan August 14, 2021. “

The Dangerous Regime of the Taliban

The Taliban's Affect on Afghan Women

 On August 15, 2021,  The Taliban took over complete control over the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, as American Troops were immediately evacuated from Kabul. On May 1st, 2021, President Biden announced that the United States would be evacuating United States forces from Afghanistan and all forces would be officially gone by August 31st. Upon hearing this news, The Taliban pushed forward with their dangerous plan to keep pushing until they have total control of Kabul and Afghanistan.

The city of Kabul has since made efforts to appease the new government and regime that now controls the country of Afghanistan. One of these efforts is the covering up and censoring of Afghan women throughout the city. Below is a picture of a salon shop worker painting over photos of female models outside the salon.

Salon worker covering up pictures of women outside of a salon to appease the Taliban. Kabul, Afghanistan 8/15/21 (Lotfullah Najafizada)


The Taliban follows the Quran very exclusively. The following restrictions for Afghan women come from The Indian Express, Women are forbidden from going to school or working; They also must be accompanied by a man whenever they leave the house; At all times, women must wear a burka that covers their entire face and body whenever they leave the house. Below is a picture of the burkas women are forced to wear. 


Credit to Women’s E News 

The Taliban also commit pedophilia in mass accounts to very young, underage girls. They have gone from door to door and taking girls as young as 12 years old to be sex-slaves wives. According to the New World Encyclopedia, The Quran allows child marriage to occur. An example, the Prophet Muhammad married a 6-7-year-old girl named Aisha. By the time Aisha was nine years old, Muhammad had intercourse with her. The Taliban takes aspects of the Quran like Muhammad and Aisha and enforces them.

According to an article from CNN, on July 12, 2021, a group of Taliban soldiers knocked three times on the door of an Afghan woman’s home. The soldiers had come to the house days earlier and demanded she makes food for the 15 soldiers present. She was poor and didn’t have the resources she needed to provide food for 15 soldiers. The second day they came back they knocked three times and after knocking a fourth time, they brutally murdered her. The woman was named Najia and was a mother of four children, three boys, and one girl. The daughter (Manizha) was present when the soldiers murdered her mother. She recalled the following, “My mother told them, ‘I am poor, how can I cook for you?” said Manizha. “(The Taliban) started beating her. My mother collapsed, and they hit her with their guns — AK47s.” Manizha said she cried out to the soldiers to stop beating her mother, they stopped for a moment and threw a grenade inside of the home, engulfing it in flames. Najia later died from the wounds of her attack. This is an example of the type of abuse and neglect the Taliban ensues on women.

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