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Shoppers Aren’t Wearing Masks, Despite Mandate

October 3, 2021

Many people aren’t wearing masks or face coverings while shopping in Dayton stores even though local authorities restated a mask mandate for indoor spaces a week ago. A couple of shoppers have stated that they were unaware of the mandate, but the mayor and others believe that some community members are purposely ignoring the law.

Dayton’s Mayor Nan Whaley said, “ People (and businesses) are putting it back on their windows as they did in Columbus. We’ll continue to message it, (but) it’s hard through this pandemic because the rules do change, but regardless of what the law is, you should just follow what the CDC guidelines are and you’ll be fine.”

According to the Dayton Daily News, last week, on September 15, the Dayton City Commission once again approved an ordinance requiring people to wear masks while inside public spaces within city or corporation limits, including shops and stores. 

WHIO reports that the mandate was passed during a meeting on September 15. People who are caught violating the mandate could have to pay a fine of up to $85 fine. The rules for the new mandate are listed below.

You need to wear masks…

  • When you are in places like grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies, health care facilities, restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, and gyms, masks are required. Religious buildings aren’t included. 
  • When you are in any form of public transportation.
  • All businesses are required to have their employees who interact with the general public wear a mask/ face covering.

Masks, however, aren’t required if…

  • You have a medical, mental health, or developmental disability, or if you cannot remove your mask/face covering without assistance.
  • You have documentation saying that you don’t have to wear a mask.
  • You are 6 years old and under. 
  • You are eating or drinking in a bar or restaurant.
  • You are getting dental or medical treatment or if you are swimming or in other situations where wearing a mask isn’t relevant.
  • You are in outdoor or open areas.
  • You are exercising in a gym or a similar facility as long as you are 6 feet apart. 
  • You are in your individual work space.
  • You are working as a public safety employee or emergency responder

The mandate will stay in place until it’s pulled back by the city commission.

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