Dumping on Trump

Emily Robertson Considers the Media Bias Facing Donald Trump

Donald Trumps words are twisted against him.


Donald Trump’s words are twisted against him.

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

The media is biased, especially against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Since June 2015, Donald Trump has been making an even larger name for himself as a candidate of the Republican Party in the 2016 election.

Trump started off his candidacy with the intention of building a wall along the United States’ border with Mexico.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” said Trump in June 2015.

This comment immediately caused outrage amongst American people, and news networks were all over it.

In The 6 most provocative parts of Donald Trump’s 2016 announcement, MSNBC bashes Trump for some of his comments.

However, Trump concluded his comment about Mexican immigrants stating “And some, I assume, are good people.”

Trump was not saying all Mexicans should not come to the United States, but that the U.S. needs to take necessary precautions to keep those illegal, dangerous immigrants out.

How unfair is it to want people to come into the U.S. legally? Trump wants to ensure the safety of American citizens, and their jobs. Building a wall is his solution, but that does not mean it will happen. Chances are, Trump will come up with another plan that is much more cost efficient.

Many news networks criticize Trump for his blatant remarks toward women, which are probably the most offensive to American people considering the recent rise in feminism across the nation.

USA Today has an article about some of the women Donald Trump has insulted. They claim he is a sexist for his remarks, but is calling people names actually sexist?

Sexism is the unfair treatment of people because of their sex (Merriam-Webster), and unfair treatment is treating someone in a way that favors some over others.

Trump’s comments do not fit into this category of “sexism.” Yes, he did call some women slobs, pigs, and dogs, but that is his opinion. Trump is allowed to call people, women or not, whatever he would like.

Everyone is guilty of calling other people names, and naturally, a president should probably refrain from such actions, especially on live television. However, his offensive remarks defy the political correctness that the liberal media is trying so hard to push onto American people today.

In December 2015, Trump suggested that no Muslims should be allowed to emigrate to the United States at all (Dayton Daily News).

His comment, which followed the November Paris attack, gave American citizens an idea of how Trump wants to protect the country.

Bernie Sanders had tweeted that Trump is a xenophobe.

Merriam-Webster defines xenophobia as the fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners, so Bernie Sanders is correct… Trump, and many Americans, are xenophobic.

If people are fearful of a certain group of people, then they clearly feel that way for a reason. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but there is a history of Muslim terrorism, including the infamous 9/11 attack.

Trump justifiably believes that allowing Muslims into the United States could lead to more terrorist attacks.

Naturally, Hillary Clinton is the candidate being praised. Because of her history and background in politics, she is not new to the routine. A majority of news networks are in support of her, and it shows.

Allegations against Trump appear often, including allegations saying Trump was inappropriate with girls from Miss Teen USA.

However, Natasha Rickley, former Miss Nebraska, made a Facebook post regarding being contacted by ABC News, saying “Trump was an absolute gentleman,” and that the media is going very far to try to smear Trump’s campaign.

The news media bias continues against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.