It’s Baaaaaaack!!!!

Auditorium Renovations Near End


The high school auditorium has been renamed “Community Auditorium,” and will soon open for high school and community use.

Harley Johnson, Assistant Editor

The Northmont High School Auditorium closed in late December last year, for renovations. Since its closing, its absence has been felt by many.

“[Drama Club] couldn’t do three shows in the [auditorium], so Drama Club was a touring company for a year,” said Mr. Ranger Puterbaugh, Language Arts teacher and Drama Club director.

Drama Club wasn’t the only thing affected. Choir concerts, band concerts, Middle School awards, and community dance recitals were affected as well.

The ROTC program also now has a place of their own. With the opening of the auditorium.

“[The commons area will be used for] ROTC and Northmont Secondary Academy. We have an incredible ROTC program and they needed a spot,” said Superintendent Mr. Tony Thomas.

Renovations started in December 2015 and are scheduled to end in November 2016.

The renovation has taken a considerable amount of time because of the size of the project. The demolition of the old school was also occurring simultaneously.

The decision was made to renovate the auditorium because it is only 29 years old, and was a state-of-the-art facility when it was built. This choice was also more cost-effective, with the renovations costing 3.2 million dollars. The project was funded by the bond issue passed in 2011.

Renovations to the auditorium will be providing numerous benefits to the high school, as well as community members.

“[Drama Club] benefits are high seating, more seating capacity, and tech machines,” said Puterbaugh.

Puterbaugh said he can’t wait to get Drama Club’s home back, while ROTC can’t wait to get a classroom.  Drama Club will be able to perform on stage again, while ROTC will be able to have practice, meetings, and class in their new space.

The auditorium’s dedication is scheduled for November 6 at 2 p.m., and is open to the public. It will be renamed the “Community Auditorium,” since it has always been a community auditorium, but never been recognized as one.