Hamsters Expelled From School

IMC Gets Rid of Caras and Inkrott

Head Principal George Caras and Assistant Principal Jason Inkrott hold the IMC hamsters

Head Principal George Caras and Assistant Principal Jason Inkrott hold the IMC hamsters

Ashlie York and Andrea Rediess

On September 30, 2016, the IMC became the new home for two hamsters donated by sophomore Brooke Puterbaugh. The students working in the IMC wanted a class pet that would comfort students and relieve stress.

The two hamsters were named after Head Principal George Caras and Assistant Principal Jason Inkrott.

Inkrott loved the idea of having a hamster named after him. He thought it was a good fit, being the “good looking and smart one.”

However, reports soon emerged that Caras was attacking Inkrott.

“I am upset they would let Caras, the unpretty and aged one, attack Inkrott,” said Inkrott.

On the other hand Caras loved that he was the “tougher” and “coolest” hamster.

Students and staff were able to play with the hamsters. The hamsters would run around in a hamster ball, but unfortunately the ball cracked due to the hamsters’ recklessness.

After three and a half weeks, the IMC had to find the hamsters a new home. Caras and Inkrott caused many distractions and brought in traffic behind the desk because students kept going back there. Students would often take items from the back closet. The students who were supposed to take care of them didn’t clean the cages, so there was an unpleasent odor and janitorial concerns.

Caras would often not let Inkrott drink water so Inkrott was slowly dying, according to Mr. Cory Caudill, Media Specialist. Ultimately, many felt the IMC did the hamsters a good service by rehoming them.

Sophomore Lillian Thomas, an animal lover, took the hamsters when the IMC needed to get rid of them. The current owner of the hamsters is Thomas’s boyfriend sophomore Noah Zimmer.

“Caras has been eating more, and Inkrott has been exercising more,” said Thomas.

One Caras and one Inkrott has proven to be enough for Northmont High School.