108 Years Later…

Chicago Cubs are the World Series Champions


Freshman Jake Hughes supports the Chicago Cubs while in his Biology class.

Justin Artz, Staff Writer

The 2016 baseball season has left Chicago Cubs fans ecstatic over the outcome of the World Series.

“I am proud of the Cubs, I am very happy to witness them finally win their first World Series win in over a century. Witnessing Cubs history is great,” said freshman Jake Hughes.

This was the first World Series victory for the Chicago Cubs since 1908. The Cleveland Indians have not won a World Series since 1948, this equals a 176-year “drought” between the two teams. Indians fans are shocked that the Indians lost a 3-1 series lead, losing them the hope of their first victory in 68 years.

“It was very upsetting to be so close to seeing your team win a title, only to lose again,” said freshman Bryce Asher. “Even though we lost, they are still my team. Win or lose, go Tribe.”

The Chicago Cubs held their World Series parade on November 4 with thousands attending to celebrate first pennant in over a century.