Walking in Faith

Bible Study Group Enters Fifth Year


Sophomores Hannah Mitchell and Grace Borders lead a Faithwalk meeting after school.

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

In 2012, Andrew Correll and Nicholas Hoskins, then freshmen, approached Mr. George Caras to create a bible study group. Ultimately, they were able to form the group.

Now five years later, Faithwalk continues as a Christian bible study group that meets every Thursday in Ms. Janelle Ehninger’s room (1125).

Sophomore Hannah Mitchell is a Faithwalk leader who had the position passed down to her by the founders, Correll and Hoskins, who graduated in 2016.

The goal of Faithwalk is “to spread God’s word, and to show God’s love,” according to Mitchell.

Mitchell also wants students to understand that in the thick of everything going on in the United States with the election, God is in control.

Believers and non-believers alike are welcome to join Faithwalk, according to Mitchell, and there is absolutely no discrimination.

Sophomore Grace Borders leads Faithwalk along with Mitchell. According to Borders, Faithwalk discussions center around a specific topic each week.

“We find scriptures about that topic and go in depth about them how God wants us to. We also try to get the students involved by asking them questions on how they interpret things, and we answer any questions that they are curious about,” said Borders.

Mitchell and Borders have many goals for Faithwalk.

“We want to make a difference in the school by showing God’s love through how we act, think, and interact with others. We want to know God, be his people, value others, and change our world through him. We also want to show people that our life is a faith walk. Our walk with God is based upon faith. By having faith we are able to start and grow our relationship with God,” according to Borders.

Faithwalk meets on Thursdays from 3-3:45 pm.