Northmont Makes Their Move in Chess


Juniors Dillon Lucente and Noah Schneider set up the chess board.

Lillian Broyles , Staff Writer

Northmont’s newest club includes kings, queens, and knights.

Juniors Neil Arsenio, Mark Wood, and Tirus Forrest are the three captains of the newly formed Chess Club. Language arts teacher Ms. Erica Kempf serves as adviser of the club.

Traditionally, chess is known as a serious and quiet game. However, Northmont’s chess club invites anyone to come to relax and play.

“This club provides a real opportunity for people to play a very famous and classic game. We have tons of fun,” said Wood.

Tournaments have not been scheduled yet, but the team hopes to start competing in the future. The club needs a solid 22 members before they can challenge other schools.

”I love playing chess in a relaxed, general environment,” said Forrest.

Members plan on joining the Dayton Chess Club as well as raising money with fundraisers.

“Chess Club is a way to learn new strategies like the Queen’s Gambit and castling,” said Arsenio.

The Chess Club meets every Friday after school in Kempf’s room 3206. All students and staff are welcome. The meeting attracts up to 20 students at a time.